How can your catalog stand out on the Web?
The same way that it stands out in Print!

Zenscript is a new and different approach to Internet Commerce, one that extends your existing print resources into a web-based ordering presence. It allows customers to browse through an HTML version of your print catalog, one or two pages at a time. Page text is rendered by the browser and superimposed on a background image composite of the page, making it low bandwidth (usable through a dial-up connection) and on the vast majority of browsers will display a very faithful rendition of the printed page. Additionally, the new digital version is indexed, searchable, and features click-through ordering capabilities, using embedded links to drop any catalog item into a shopping cart. It also integrates a visual thumbnail navigation environment.

Here is a link to one of the live-on-the-web catalogs of the Roadster Factory in Armagh, PA. There are links to other live catalogs at that site. The pages that are produced are written in HTML using Javascript and the PHP programming language.